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No Meta Verified Option in India: How to get Verified, Features, Pricing, and What to Expect

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently expanded its Meta Verified program to India, following successful testing in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. However, some users in India have reported that the option is not yet available on their devices. This is because Meta is gradually rolling out the feature to all users in the country, and it may take some time before everyone has access to it.

Meta Verified is a subscription-based service aimed at providing creators and influencers with a range of features to enhance their online presence. Priced at Rs. 699 per month, the subscription offers a verified badge, proactive account protection, and access to account support. The verified badge is designed to authenticate the account using a government ID, ensuring that the account is genuine and protecting it from impersonation.

The expansion of Meta Verified into India is a significant step for the company, as it acknowledges the growing demand for verification and account support among creators in the region. Meta has been contemplating ways to provide access to these features through a subscription model, and the introduction of Meta Verified is a direct response to this demand.

Some of the key features of Meta Verified include:

1. Verified Badge: A blue checkmark that verifies the authenticity of the account using a government ID, making it easier for users to identify genuine accounts and avoid impersonators.

2. Proactive Account Protection: Enhanced security measures to safeguard the account from hacking attempts and impersonation.

3. Access to Account Support: Dedicated support for Meta Verified subscribers, ensuring prompt assistance in case of any issues or queries.

While the Meta Verified subscription is not yet available to all users in India, it is expected to be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. Users who are interested in subscribing to Meta Verified should keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates on the availability of the service.

Meta Verified is an exciting addition to the suite of tools available to creators and influencers in India. With its range of features and affordable pricing, it is poised to become an essential resource for those looking to enhance their online presence and protect their accounts from impersonation. As the rollout continues, users in India can look forward to accessing this valuable service soon.

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