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Meta Verified Offers Cheaper Price for Account Verification on Instagram and Facebook in India

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has introduced Meta Verified, a feature that allows users to have their accounts officially verified for a nominal fee. In India, users can avail themselves of Meta Verified for a monthly cost of ₹699, while in other whitelisted countries, the price is set at $14.99.

Meta Verified provides individuals, especially public figures, celebrities, and influencers, with the opportunity to establish their credibility and authenticity on Instagram and Facebook. To be eligible for verification, users must be at least 18 years old and verify their identity using a government-approved identity card.

Apart from the blue tick verification badge, Meta Verified subscribers receive additional benefits. They are rewarded with 100 stars per month, which they can use to support other creators on Facebook or Instagram. This feature encourages a supportive community among creators and fosters collaboration on the platforms.

Moreover, Meta Verified subscribers gain access to specialized support for common issues they may encounter. This dedicated support system ensures that verified users receive prompt assistance and can address any concerns or technical difficulties they may face.

Meta claims that Meta Verified gives creators an upper hand in reaching a wider audience. By obtaining the verification badge, creators gain a sense of trust and credibility among their followers, potentially attracting more engagement and collaboration opportunities.

Meta's decision to introduce an affordable pricing plan for Meta Verified in India reflects the company's commitment to making account verification accessible to a larger user base. With a significant social media market like India, this move provides Indian users, including content creators, influencers, and public figures, with an opportunity to establish their online presence and engage with a wider audience.

As Meta continues to enhance its features and services, users can anticipate further improvements aimed at prioritizing authenticity and security on Instagram and Facebook. Meta Verified offers users the chance to showcase their legitimacy and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape, all while enjoying the support and benefits provided by this new feature.

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