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Meta Verified Launches in India, Offering Account Blue-Tick Verification for a Fee of $14.99

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, has announced the launch of its new feature, Meta Verified, in India, the UK, and Canada. This feature provides users in these countries with the opportunity to have their accounts officially verified, establishing their authenticity and credibility. However, unlike previously reported, Meta Verified does come with a fee of $14.99.

Meta Verified is particularly valuable for public figures, celebrities, and influencers who wish to build trust with their followers and gain access to additional tools and features. By obtaining the verification status, these individuals can enhance their online presence and collaborate with brands and businesses more effectively.

Notably, accounts that were previously verified on Instagram and Facebook will maintain their status without any disruption and at no extra cost. This decision from Meta aims to reward those who have already undergone the verification process.

The introduction of Meta Verified in India, the UK, and Canada expands the availability of this feature to significant social media markets, providing users with a means to establish their credibility and authenticity on Instagram and Facebook. This launch signifies Meta's commitment to offering a global solution for taking a step against fake, imposter accounts, account verification and fostering trust across its platforms.

While the fee of $14.99 for Meta Verified has been implemented, it is important to note that the investment may be worthwhile for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and credibility. The fee helps Meta cover the costs associated with the verification process and the maintenance of the feature.

As Meta continues to evolve its features and services, users can anticipate further enhancements aimed at ensuring authenticity and security on Instagram and Facebook. By providing the Meta Verified feature, along with its ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of its platforms, Meta is committed to offering a safer and more trustworthy environment for its users.

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